Queer State(s) Bibliography

The links below were compiled by Marcella Mendez (BFA Studio Art, 2011) to aid in research for the exhibition Queer State(s). They are meant to function as an annotated bibliography that begins to scratch the surface of the numerous fields of scholarship, activism, and artistic practice that revolve around queer discourse. Some of the texts listed can be described as “queer theory,” intersecting with ideas such as race and class. Some are more personal narratives that take the form of a memoir or biography. Some of these links point to a complex history of political activism against homophobic or heteronormative systems of power. But like the exhibition and its related programs, this list in no way is meant as a definitive overview of LGBTQ history or theory in Texas or beyond.

Academic Theory


Memoirs and (Contemporary) Lived Experiences


"Intersectionality” Theory
Class and Capitalism:


The Body

Trans* Liberation


Sexual Liberation, Pornography and Puritanism

Love and the Origin of Family

Queer Organization History
Old Left:



Contemporary Revolutionary Organizations:

Libertarian Communists:


  • Revolutionary Communist Party USA, “On the Position on Homosexuality in the New Draft Programme,” 2001


Gay Marriage

Queer Blogs

Zine Catalogues

Other Resources