Handle with Care: 2016 Design BFA Thesis Exhibition

April 15May 21

Mezzanine Gallery

Opening Reception
Friday, April 15 • 6-8 pm

Handle with Care

Handle with Care takes its name from the familiar expression that anticipates the unboxing of something new, the moment of contact between fragility and inexperienced hands: the mutual agreement between maker and receiver. The tone of the expression is situated somewhere between command, wish, and caution, and it presumes that considered design merits considerate attention. In the spirit of this expression, we invite you to not only handle our work with care, but also consider the care for audience, context, craftsmanship and presentation reflected in our work.

Exhibiting Designers

Jolie Durand
Nick Kadolph
Soo Min Lee
David Kendall
Ali Mann
Michelle Maudet
Garrett Toledo