Center Space Project

The call for proposals for the 2017–2018 exhibition season is now open to all undergraduate and graduate students! Apply here. The deadline is March 20.

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What is Center Space Project?

Center Space Project (CSP) is the student-run organization of the Visual Arts Center that organizes a number of activities each semester, including:

  • Exhibitions in the VAC's Center Space Gallery
  • Visits to local galleries and museums
  • Travel to arts locations around Texas
  • Publication of INMATERIAL, a web-based project/platform

Who can get involved?

As an organization, Center Space Project draws its members from across campus. CSP welcomes current UT students from all departments, both at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

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Why should I get involved?

Center Space Project provides opportunities for any student interested in getting involved in the larger artistic community. CSP works to create dialogues between students, curators, critics, gallerists, and artists. CSP is an organization of students who are passionate about creating an environment in which art can be discussed, experienced, and analyzed. The collaborative process of creating successful exhibitions, events, and publications allows CSP members to draw from their own interests and skills to aid in the success of the group. CSP draws its strength as an organization from its members, so we are always interested in adding to our community.

"Working with the VAC was the first time I had the opportunity to experience the inner workings of a fully-staffed and professional non-profit space. Installing artwork can be a very draining experience, so it was great to have a team of preparators available because I was able to spend more time thinking about the curation of the pieces rather than the technical details. Having Center Space officers and VAC staff constantly checking in with me really raised the stakes and pressured me to perform at my best."

— Ray Delgadillo, Curator of the CSP exhibition Nation of Fear

How can I learn more?

Contact with questions or to learn more about CSP’s meetings.

Center Space Project on Facebook and HornsLink