All Else: 2024 Studio Art MFA Thesis Exhibition

April 19 – May 11, 2024

All Else features the work of six graduating MFA students. The exhibition brings together painting, drawing, printmaking, photography, and sculpture to build spaces between inner and outer worlds, memory and experience, and examine how the artists’ individual narratives can generate expansive dialogues.

Colleen Blackard’s work recalls dreams and memories of the natural world, utilizing methods of monotype, drawing, painting, and scenic art to connect external and internal landscapes.

Rosie Clements takes digital images and reconstitutes them as physical objects. Using innovative printing techniques and the physical manipulation of images, she tests the boundaries between material and virtual worlds.

McKenzie Drake’s painted expanses employ elements of nature and geometric planes of color to interpret what remains secure amidst an ever-changing world.

Ariana Gomez uses photography, writing, and sound to examine ‘home as myth’ through meditations on loss – lost land, lost identity, and the loss of past and future selves between her father, her mother, and herself.

Irene June’s sculptural work engages with Taiwanese ritual, loss, and gender, inviting the audience into a personal narrative of diasporic reconciliation and healing.

Jacob Mattingly parallels bodily struggles and rural emptiness while delving into abstract representations of internal spaces. His work straddles the organic and comedic, serving as a vehicle to Frankenstein a painting together.

What remains above all else?

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