call to action: 2017 Senior Design Exhibition

March 10 – April 7, 2017

call to action highlights the design skills we have honed the past four years on our path to becoming critical, thoughtful, and expressive designers who aim to leave the world a more ethical place. As designers, we see ourselves as actors of the present, capable of sculpting the future. We believe that design can provoke, advocate, strengthen, reframe, and inform a better society. As we navigate our roles in an ever-changing socio-political context, we share here our thesis design projects to represent our ideas, reflections, and intentions for a future beyond the classroom. We invite our audience to reflect with us, develop their own ideas, and take individual action in a way they see fit.



Natalie Campbell
Whitney Chen
Maddie George
Brianna Graves
Nora Greene
Kendall Hanna
Hillary Henrici
Emily Jarvis
Jac Juengst
Moses Lee
Austin Linkinhoker
Eunjoo Oh
Nicholas Osella
Manuela Rincon
Fernanda Rodriguez
Savannah Schy
Collin Sees
Jaehee Seh
Joel Weber
Hailey Williams
Denise Zaldivar

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