Catalyst: 2018 Senior Design Exhibition

April 20 – May 11, 2018

Catalyst is the culmination of deep research, critical thinking and design implementation combined with topics that have personally inspired us. A catalyst is something that stimulates change between two forces. Likewise, as designers, we aim to impact the world in a constructive way, starting with conversation.

Design as a catalyst for conversation pushes us to innovate and empathize. This can be both an interactive dialogue between people and a self-reflective experience. In conversation, punctuation adds emotion, gives pause for thought, and offers intent to what we say, leading to empathy and a broader understanding of the world. We chose this moment as an anchor in time that will pave the path for this dialogue.



Stephanie Collins
Kathleen De La Llata
Guneez Ibrahim
Alexander Kim
Emily Lamontagne
Jessica Lin
Sonia Margolin
Victoria Ranieri
Gabriela Sanders
Yunuen Sigler
Luis Vazquez
Saniya Walawalkar

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