Colossal Wait: 2022 Senior Art Exhibition

April 8 – 23, 2022

How can the weight of waiting inspire the way we move through space? 

Colossal Wait showcases over fifty young artists making work in the context of a rapidly changing social climate. Though their work spans a diverse range of media, content, and style, this graduating class—including undergraduate students in Studio Art, Art Education, and Art History—has shared the experience of constant adaptation and flexibility over the past two years in the face of an ongoing pandemic. Following a period of remote learning, these students returned to campus, determined to make up for lost studio time. This exhibition features ambitious work across creative disciplines, including painting, drawing, print, sculpture, photography, and transmedia.

Offering a moment of contemplation and a collective response to the uncertainty of this moment, the works on view in Colossal Wait reflect the journeys of these young artists as they have navigated a return to physical space and worked to bridge interrupted time. The variety of objects in the exhibition demonstrates the ability of this graduating class to climb higher and expand their horizons—not only within physical spaces, but in the emotional and mental spaces they inhabit as well.





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