February 16 – March 2, 2024

UT Print presents Ensemble, a group exhibition of print media that aims to celebrate the community-based nature of printmaking by bringing together a collection of prints that are unified in size and color theme. 

Organized by Annie May Johnston and Erin Miller


Marie Aburto De La Fuente 
Madi Arnold
Colleen Blackard
Audrey Blood
Levy Cao
Noah Dasho
Mai Deguchi
McKenzie Drake
Fionayuko Forbes
Hayden Howe
Annie May Johnston
Zach Larkin
Logan Larsen
Julio Martinez
Zahra Martinez
Erin Miller
Javier Robelo
Ang Ruiz
Rachel Salcido
Emily Shaw
Henry Smith
Jessica Song
Andrew Tran
Carrington Turner
Selina Wagner
Claire Warner
Caden Zips

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