An Exchange

January 25 – February 7, 2019

An Exchange is an exhibition of collaborative works between Digital Fabrication students at The University of Texas at Austin and Kinetic Imaging students at Virginia Commonwealth University. Participating students were assigned collaborators in Fall 2018 with the knowledge that the projects would be exhibited simultaneously in Spring 2019 at both the Visual Arts Center and VCU's Anderson Gallery. Featured works include video projections, digitally fabricated objects, augmented reality, and animations. The collaborations were guided by instructors R. Eric McMaster (UT) and Josh Rodenberg (VCU) as part of their respective classes in Fall 2018.



Dorothea Robinson (UT) + Eric Bailey (VCU)
Roxolana Krywonos (UT) + Kayla Rymer (VCU)
Madeleine Austin (UT) + Ava Blakeslee-Carter (VCU) + John Dell’Angelo (VCU)
Jenni Daum (UT) + Arpita Chatterji (VCU) + Tiffani Green (VCU)
Arohi Ranade (UT) + Jordan Nuckolos (VCU)
Lourdes Argueta (UT) + Anna Whitted (VCU) + Mason Bragg (VCU)
Adan Aguilar (UT) + Adinah Price (VCU)

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