Finale: 2012 Senior Art Exhibition

March 30 – April 14, 2012

Finale includes selected work by students graduating with bachelor degrees from the Studio Art and Visual Art Studies divisions of the Department of Art and Art History during the 2011–2012 school year. Nominated by faculty members, these works showcase the future generation of artists and provide a glimpse into the creative energy found at The University of Texas at Austin.

The purpose of the department’s Studio Art program is to transmit a solid foundation in a wide range of studio practices. These students also experience historical and theoretical models, providing a vocabulary to understand and engage with art’s critical discourse. Students are prepared to function as professionals within defined disciplines and career specializations of the visual arts. But they also achieve personal fulfillment through a qualitative understanding of the varied methods of creative expression. Through an exploration of the ideas and forms at the leading edge of knowledge, these students have developed the capacity for experimentation and invention to create new forms of studio art.

The Visual Art Studies program believes that art is an essential component of all societies and that an education is not complete without knowledge of art’s history, purpose, function, and techniques. Currently, there is a growing need for quality art teachers and programmers in schools and communities throughout the U.S. The Visual Art Studies program prepares outstanding art teachers for service in public and private institutions, strengthens the disciplines of art and teaching through scholarly research, and enhances community artistic experiences through ongoing public service.



Ally Acheson-Snow
Skye Ashbrook
Jennifer Austin
Cosme Cano
Biet Na Choi
Chelsea Christ
Rachel Coco
Ashley Collignon
Carey Conor
Karina Eckmeier
Francesca Giamona
Jacob Hamrick
Yusuke Ito
Amethyst James
Pam Jarvis
Sarah Jumper
Jessica Renee Kliewer
Austin Lancaster
Suzanne Lewis
Carley E. McCaw
Rachel McClellan
Hayley McSwain
Alex Messenger
Sarah Milbrath
Taylor Murphy
Krista Norman
Lucy Parker
Diana Ramirez
Anne Riley
Kate Robberson
Shawn Roberts
Deborah Simon
Allie Smith
Katie Smither
Shawn Sperrazza
Sean William Sweeney
Rachel Wade
Emma Christina
Elizabeth Whelan
Elizabeth Williams
Chantal Wnuk
Justin Rene Zepeda

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