Future Tense: 2019 Senior Design Exhibition

April 12 – 26, 2019

Future Tense adheres to no linear timeline, design ethos, or destination. The designers of this exhibition gather here to engage with questions of the present while the road ahead hides from sight. There is no answer to what the future holds, but we continue to experiment, explore, and interact with uncertainty to converge what is with what could be. Future Tense challenges us to envision an extraordinary future for ourselves and each other.

Future Tense presents capstone projects from students receiving bachelor of fine arts degrees in Design.



Reem Abusaud
Michelle Avelar
Anna Brink
Jacob Bruner
Haley Burdeos
Margaret Cook
Dessa Gilbert
Spencer Gutierrez
Danielle Henderson
Ryan Hicks
Florence Kamp
Lille Kester
William Kuglen
Sarah Lee
Riley Lenz
Vanessa Martin
Efren Martinez
Leonel Martinez
Eric Moe
Mailei Schmidt
Ellen Shin
Bianca Srivastava
Anna Steinhagen
Kathy Vong
Duo Xu

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