how to listen: 2015 Design MFA Thesis Exhibition

April 17 – May 16, 2015

Design creates relationships. We weave fragments together, we create distinctions, we carve spaces, and we push ideas on top of each other. This often manifests as a visual process, yet more often than not, starts with listening. The act of listening is the initial step to understanding, developing a new lens, and inviting others to conversation. It is from these moments—of listening and dialogue—that we make.

Our work can be viewed as interactions with our own lines of inquiry, relationships with each other across disciplinary borders, and exchanges with communities beyond the institution. All have impacted what we do and how we do it: our means, our methods, and the stories we’ve both gathered and built.

We invite you to choose a starting point, and listen to events, sequences, and snippets; to share in a collection of entwined experiences, gestures, and research, and to perhaps, draw your own connections.



Brent Dixon
Amanjot Kaur Sandhu
Robin McDowell
Becky Nasadowski
Jose Perez

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