Make_Matter: 2012 Design MFA Exhibition

March 30 – April 20, 2012

Design is a process of sense-making and form-giving with the goal of engaging people. The 2012 Design MFA exhibition, Make_Matter, illuminates the processes that designers use in transforming elements, both tangible and intangible, into more meaningful and valuable forms.

Design is an act of transformation. The designer clarifies and reframes to reveal connections and possibilities.

Design is an act of creation. The designer, by making physical or virtual artifacts and interventions, facilitates activity and understanding.

Working within a transdisciplinary program, our research emerges from the interstitial spaces between disciplines and through the following frames of reference: experience, interaction, materials, data, and history.

Make_Matter includes work by Carolyn Aler, Ryan Bruner, Lindsey Culpepper, Rowan Ogden, and Yi Xu.


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