Mixed Feelings: 2012 Studio Art MFA Exhibition

April 27 – May 12, 2012

Mixed Feelings includes work by students graduating from the Studio Art graduate program in May 2012.

The phrase “mixed feelings” is often used to describe an emotional response that is confusing or unclear. It refers to a state of ambivalence, in which one experiences simultaneous conflicting feelings toward a person or thing. It is in this murky territory that a struggle to understand something takes place—an effort to consider multiple aspects of one’s relationship to a subject in a way that is balanced and true.

The artists in Mixed Feelings create work that addresses a wide range of subject matter and explores issues of social politics, personal mythology, and art-historical practice. Through a multivalent approach, they probe deeply into their areas of interest in order to represent these issues from multiple points of view. With a determination to examine matters in a way that goes beyond their face value, the artists in this exhibition strive to reveal the complexity, nuance, and subtlety of their subjects.



Miguel A. Aragon
Erica Botkin
Ben Brandt
Christina Coleman
Kacy Maddux
Ezra Masch
Mi-Hee Nahm
Marcus Payzant
Daniel Rudin
Yun K. Shin

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