No Longer, Not Yet: 2022 Senior Design Exhibition

April 8 – 23, 2022

Every rite of passage is accompanied by a mixture of fear and excitement for the future, a simultaneous cutting away and sewing together of character. This exhibition—presenting capstone projects from graduating students in the Design BFA program—is no different. For these young designers, No Longer, Not Yet points to a collective embrace of the transitory, as they consider what it means to be no-longer-students and not-yet-professionals.

The forty projects included in this exhibition serve as reflections of and responses to this unique moment in time, spanning the diverse range of skills the students have learned in the Design program and offering a glimpse at the kinds of work they aim to pursue after graduation. With No Longer, Not Yet, they invite you to stand upon the threshold with them—to look back, and to look forward.


Isabella Acosta 
Alejandra Andrade
Fernando Avelar
Sara Beshai
Madison Bickerton
Mari Blanchard
Caroline Blanton
James Blue
Taeler Braithwaite 
Max Brehmer
Brandon Buerk
Meredith Cambis
Isabel Canales
Nicholas Cooper
Anna Crawford
Grace Davila
Maggie Deleonardis 
Laura Gonima
Julia Haas
Stevie Zya Harvel

Jennifer Jimenez
Ammar Akhtar Khan
Jack Decker Lanigan
Yixuan Li
Alyssa Lumanog
Katherine McMahan
Ricardo Menchaca
Ryan Nesbitt
Ellen Okamura
Ethan Orlando
Elianna Panakis
Daniel Park 
Amanda Piamonte
Gia Kanani Poblete
Nicole Ransom
Jennifer Rodriguez
Jacob Simpson 
Stephanie Sonik
Evelyn Thai
Sandra Thai

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