Playgrounds: 2014 Design MFA Exhibition

March 28 – May 10, 2014

We’re grateful for playgrounds. They offer space to imagine, to make friends, and to experiment without rules or repercussions. Playgrounds, too, are microcosms of the adult world, places in which power is negotiated and existing social narratives are reproduced or rejected.

Playgrounds is a design exhibition that seeks to address social and political inequity and disenfranchisement, loss of heritage, and even mortality through interactive interventions that are intuitive, interpretive, and whimsical; in a word, through play.



Mariana Cano
Se Busca
A project to foster community pride in violence-ravaged Chihuahua, Mexico

Jesse Kinbarovsky
t1D Suite
A set of tools enabling type 1 diabetics to engage meaningfully with their disease

Alexis Kraus
Feed Blocks
A do-it-yourself educational tool for formative feedback gathering

Claire Thong
I Heart Arabic
A resource for learning Arabic through “working procrastination”

Rachel Simone Weil
Mint in Box
An exploration of marginalized video-game histories and nostalgia

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