States of Matter: 2011 Senior Design Exhibition

April 1 – May 14, 2011

The annual exhibition of work by seniors pursuing bachelor of fine arts degrees in Design, States of Matter investigates three facets of one project by each of the graduating students.

The exhibition format offers viewers an intimate understanding of each project through the inclusion of process and contextual materials presented alongside a final artifact. This tripartite arrangement situates all states of the project for equal consideration and suggests that the design process can yield more than one conclusion.



Daniel Aranda
Travis Ballard
Sarita Damania
Lauren Dickens
Ayham Ghraowi
Mala Kumar
Corey Leman
Stephanie Osan
Alyssa Peters
Robbie Polk
Katrina Repman
Annie Samuelson
Emily Sawtelle
Javier Viramontes

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