Learning Tuscany: Summer Pilgrims

September 23 – October 8, 2022

The photographs in this exhibition were made during the six-week Learning Tuscany summer study abroad program. Informed by an intensive art history curriculum that investigated the historic role of pilgrimage in Italian art and culture, students were tasked with photographically examining the contemporary iteration of pilgrimage: global tourism. Instead of simply reproducing the stereotypical views of Tuscany that proliferate in film, coffee-table books, and tourist snapshots, students sought to make compelling and challenging representations of this complex landscape. By investigating the intersection of old and new and by imbuing quotidian scenes with drama and intrigue, students used photography to question the nature of perception, value, and beauty in art.


Catherine Brennan
Marisol Cacho
Daneida Castillo
Ally Cotton
Fiorella Forno
Gracie Gilchriest
Lauren Graham
Abby Gunn
Henry Gutch
Miranda Hynes
Kendyl Loper
Daniel Mabray
Edward Malcik
Madison Moore
Paisley Polk
Cas Rohmer-Des Jardi
Anne Marie Singhoff
Alexa Torti
Emily Whitworth
Corina Zarate

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