Tierra del Medio: Negotiating Art and Culture

October 9 – 20, 2018

From March 26 to April 4, 2018, a small group of students and faculty in Art Education and Visual Art Studies made the journey to Antigua, Guatemala to immerse themselves in the tradition of alfombra making. Through the process of creating a design, preparing materials, and building the alfombra, the group took part in a tradition that allowed them to experience the creation of a collaborative art piece and forge a connection with the local community in Antigua.

Please join us for a small reception on Tuesday, October 9 from 5–6 PM.


Participating Students

Serena Naidu
Caitlyn McKey
Sakura Stephens
Sarah Chestnut
Christina Willis
Elainy Lopez
Janine Delgado
Karis Tillman
Katherine Jenings
Kristin Garrison
Shelby Flowers
Adrian Hinojosa

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