Work-In-Progress, Progress-in-Work

February 13 – March 6, 2020

For Work-In-Progress, Progress-in-Work, Teresa Hubbard’s Advanced Photography class will utilize the Fieldwork Projects gallery as a shared studio, workshop, and class discussion space. Students will engage the space within a changing, dynamic context—editing their images and installation of images as they work towards finalizing their individual projects.

Please join us for a small reception in the Fieldwork space on Tuesday, March 3 from 5–6 PM.

Organized by Teresa Hubbard, faculty, Studio Art.

Participating Students

Elaine Adams
Vivie Behrens
Katie Bone
Natalie Broussard
Maddi Cislo
Karen Hatfield Cisneros
Paige Christiansen
Jake Cornish
Lindsay Davis
Keeley Morgan
Paige Perusquia
Devin Wilkins
Ariel Wood

Teaching Assistant: Mathieu Grenier

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