Two Ships Passing with Kyle Schlesinger, Assistant Professor of Communication Design, University of Houston-Victoria

Tuesday, April 30, 2013 - 6:30pm8:00pm

Art Building, Room 1.120

Free and Open to the Public


The VAC, in collaboration with the art publication Pastelegram, presents the spring 2013 edition of Two Ships Passing focused on the topic of pacing and features invitee Kyle Schlesinger and his guest. Central to magazine work—online or in print—is the consideration of the pacing of images, texts, and ideas. Structuring how information unfolds over time concerns many of those working in temporal media such as magazines, films, or written narratives; these structures may have their own meanings that affect the reading of their enclosed content.  Invited as our special guest by Schlesinger is Austin writer Cindy St. John.

This edition of Two Ships Passing concerns the kinds of meaning that viewers and readers can extract from looking closely at the producer’s temporal structuring of a work. Whether works fragment, layer, or juxtapose sequences of events, ideas, or images, these moments of fracture and compression guide us through the work.

About the Artists

Kyle Schlesinger is a poet who writes and lectures on typography and artists’ books. His books of poems include: Commonplace (2011); Bad Words to the Radio and Other Poems (2011); Picture Day (2011); What You Will (2012) and Seeing Things (2012). Poems & Pictures: A Renaissance in the Art of the Book, was an exhibitions of published books Schlesinger organized, which traveled to that to New York, Houston, Buffalo, and Chicago. He is the proprietor of Cuneiform Press and assistant professor of Communication Design at University of Houston-Victoria, where he co-directs the graduate program in Publishing.

Cindy St. John is the author of several chapbooks, most recently Be the Heat. She lives in Austin where she teaches teenagers, edits a poetry and art publication called Headlamp, and co-curates a reading series called Fun Party.

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Pastelegram is an online and print publication concerned with images and their sources. It is dedicated to contemporary artists, art historians and critics as well as the ideas, images and texts that inform their projects, some historical and others less so. As such, Pastelegram provides an international platform for the examination of artistic and historical practice.