Anna Maupin

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I see my paintings as an invitation to worship; a way for me to find my way back to my body. Seeking to nurture the relationship between body and self has introduced conversations of bodily autonomy and sexuality that have developed as an undercurrent in my work. There is a ritual of the body and the self, a natural rhythm that carries the thoughts and feelings of the inner world to the outer. That same rhythm drives the delicate compositions of the secluded woman. While these characters reside in their own world, a part of them simultaneously glances our way as if daring us to interrupt them. The women embody a “niceness” that becomes elusive at times, a complacency that even they become wary of. They reflect my own inclination towards escapism that never fully finds the exit. I enjoy walking the line between comfort and discomfort, depicting the presence of innocence and assurance embodied by these women while also hinting at a flip side—their naivety—and, perhaps, the more sinister nature of inequality in power dynamics.


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