Leslie Tang

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Storytelling is universal. All cultures tell stories that are passed on to the next generation, the generation after that, and so on. Whether to teach a moral lesson or to find one’s own voice in society, these stories have been spoken, written, sung, and created through art. My work is invested in narrative inquiry, exploring why stories are told the way that they are told. My practice encompasses a variety of media and a range of themes related to the notion of storytelling.

The Lake tells the story of a normal day in Shanghai, China during the winter before the COVID-19 pandemic began impacting human life around the globe. The artwork presents a time of tranquility and peace, reflecting on how we can’t quite go back to what we had in the past. It also shows how little nature has changed throughout the pandemic, regardless of where one has been in the world.

Leslie Tang is receiving a BFA in Visual Arts Studies at The University of Texas at Austin. In Spring 2018, she created the comic strip A Surprise Encounter for The Daily Texan. Following graduation, she plans to teach art in K-12 public schools. She hopes to impart to her future students the ability to raise questions about critical issues in society through art-making. Eventually, Tang hopes to attend graduate school to further her studies in art education with an emphasis in schools.



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