Logan Larsen

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Logan Larsen, Patroclus in the armor of Achilles, 2021. Video documentation of risograph, rivet-bound artist book. 3:55 min. Courtesy of the artist.


I see my work as operating between media—alternating from print to sculpture, drawing to bookmaking—pitting these media against one another. I use this interdisciplinary method of making to circulate thought and narrative, to vary the way these ideas are consumed and processed. My practice is centered in text and image; I use their co-opting to create a new expression, proposing an alternative image or story from the presentation of disparate ideas in one glance. I pull from contemporary culture, myth, literature, and art history to think about the ways in which they push against or bridge dissimilar source points. I’m interested in the corruption of canonical texts and images in an effort to push against the viewer’s understanding or consumption of the narratives they depict. I pull from queer narratives and histories to expand upon the ways stories have been inverted to fit the dominant narrative, and I push ideals of love, lust, and desire to personalize and make queer—or re-queer—the stories and images I begin with.



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