Virginia Beshears

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My paintings are primarily based in my experience with ADHD in a world that was not built with my brain in mind. I use a wide range of media, including acrylic paints, colored pencil, vintage magazine pages, image transfer materials, and tape. I employ a purposeful sense of tentativeness to my handling of materials to push this sense of awkwardness in my work, and often tape images to the surface of my canvases. Superficially, my paintings make little sense. Instead, each painting is meant to create a mood of whimsy, humor, and wistfulness that only those willing to look beyond the painting’s literal meaning are able to enjoy. My finished works are meant to evoke a very specific feeling of both joy and curiosity in the viewer. My goal is for the viewer to feel satisfied not because the painting made perfect sense to them, but rather because they recognized a feeling of being cheerfully off-kilter.


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