Center Space Project

Center Space Project (CSP) is an undergraduate student-run arts collective that works collaboratively with the Visual Arts Center to provide students with opportunities to participate in an interdisciplinary artistic community. Through our programming—including exhibitions, publications, and events—we engage with a diverse range of creative voices both within and beyond the College of Fine Arts.

We invite students from across UT’s campus to join our community, and we encourage our members to explore modes of creative expression beyond their established artistic disciplines or academic majors. With our annual open call for exhibition proposals, our biannual publication, and our member events throughout the academic year, we seek to provide students with a range of opportunities to hone their practices, take part in critical discourses, and develop as arts professionals. We are driven by an overarching mission to facilitate greater representation of and support for our community of emerging artists, curators, educators, writers, designers, and historians through our many creative endeavors. Within our community of engaged thinkers and makers, we aim to showcase work that expands the traditional fine arts canon and establishes new possibilities for what art can mean, look like, and facilitate.

What We Do

Exhibitions—CSP organizes two student-curated exhibitions each academic year in the VAC’s Center Space Gallery. Exhibitions are selected through a call for proposals each spring that is open to all undergraduate and graduate students at UT Austin, and selections are made by the CSP student committee in collaboration with VAC staff. All past CSP exhibitions are included in the VAC's exhibition archive.

Publications—CSP members are invited to contribute artwork and essays to the organization’s biannual publication, which provides experience in arts writing, criticism, and creative production.

Events—CSP hosts a range of programming for members throughout the academic year, including artist talks, workshops, and studio visits, enabling students to learn new skills and engage with creatives in our community both on and off campus.

Excursions—Our annual participation in Chinati Weekend offers members the opportunity to visit contemporary art spaces and engage with a network of arts professionals in West Texas.

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