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Here, you'll find art-making activities, self-guided exercises, lesson plans, and further reading surrounding our current and past exhibitions. Share your creations with us by tagging @visualartscenter on Instagram or emailing us at info@utvac.org and we may feature them on our website and social media channels!

Educator Resources

Make & Mingle: An Evening for Educators at the VAC
In conjunction with the 2021 Texas Art Education Association Conference, we invited teachers from across the state to the galleries for an evening of art-making, networking and conversation. Scroll through for resources from the event, prepared by undergraduate Art Education students and inspired by exhibitions at the VAC!

two people looking at art installation in gallery


Cheers to Teachers: Celebrating Educators Through the Arts
Check back soon for recordings of workshops from this month-long professional development series we hosted in Spring 2021!

screen grab from virtual professional development workshop, Visual Arts Center, UT Austin


Teaching Guide: Mindful Makers
Focusing on Carmen Argote's installation at the VAC, students will engage in a multisensory sketching activity and consider how mindfulness practices can be woven into their daily lives.

artwork by Carmen Argote, Visual Arts Center, UT Austin


Teaching Guide: Celebrating with Collage
Looking at work by Marcelina Gonzales from Between Two Worlds, students will learn about traditions and create collage works showcasing the traditions they celebrate.

artwork by Marcelina Gonzales, Visual Arts Center, UT Austin


Teaching Guide: Off the Page
Looking at the work of Natasha Bowdoin, students will work on close reading and create artworks that incorporate text.

artwork by Natasha Bowdoin, Visual Arts Center, UT Austin

Art-Making activities

Family Day 2020: VAC at Home
Learn about contemporary artists from the border region spanning South Texas and Northern Mexico while making art of your own at home!

collage piece made by Art Education student, Visual Arts Center, UT Austin


From Afar: 2020 Senior Art Exhibition
Make your own creations inspired by works in the 2020 Senior Art Exhibition, From Afar.

artwork by Alyssa LeLeux, Visual Arts Center, UT Austin

Alyssa LeLeux (BFA, Visual Art Studies)

Create your own artwork incorporating art materials around your home and items found in nature.


artwork by Elaine Adams, Visual Arts Center, UT Austin

Elaine Adams (BFA, Studio Art)

Set your own rules in this at-home photography activity.


artwork by Natalie Broussard, Visual Arts Center, UT Austin

Natalie Broussard (BA, Studio Art)

Practice mindfulness and build awareness of your surroundings through this quiet, meditative exercise.


Self-Guided Looking

Take a deep dive into the work of Fall 2023 Artist-in-Residence Castiel Vitorino Brasileiro in this virtual tour guided by Bella Ditzler (VAC Curatorial Intern, 2022–2023).

Take a deep dive into the work of Spring 2022 Artist-in-Residence Michael Queenland in this virtual tour guided by Alessandra Dominguez (VAC Curatorial Intern, 2021–2022).


artwork by Michael Queenland, Visual Arts Center, UT Austin

What Remains: A Closer Look at Michael Queenland's Rudy's Ramp of Remainders 2012/2022

Dive into the work of Spring 2022 Artist-in-Residence Michael Queenland and engage with ideas of collective trauma and consumer culture in this activity created by Ryene Sanders (VAC Education Fellow, 2021–22).

artwork by Joey Fauerso, Visual Arts Center, UT Austin

Worth the Wait: A Close Look at Joey Fauerso: Wait for It

Slow down and contemplate notions of time, memory, and longing present in the work of Joey Fauerso in this exercise created by Ryene Sanders (VAC Education Fellow, 2021–22). 

work by Carmen Argote

Carmen Argote's Me At Market: A Close-Looking Exercise

Spend some time with Spring 2020 artist-in-residence Carmen Argote's installation, Me At Market, in this close-looking exercise created by Julia Davis (VAC Education Fellow, 2019–20).

Lisa Lapinski, Visual Arts Center, pegboard with red chair sculpture

Hidden Meanings: A Closer Look at Lisa Lapinski: Drunk Hawking

Join us in looking closer at the deeper hidden meanings, patterns, and themes present in Lisa Lapinski: Drunk Hawking in this exercise created by Julia Davis (VAC Education Fellow, 2019–20). 



people at art gallery opening, Visual Arts Center, UT Austin


Lan Tuazon: In the Land of Real Shadows
Taylor Bradley

María Magdalena Campos-Pons: Notes on Sugar / Like the lonely traveler
Neon Queen Collective

The Codex Borgia
Astrid Runggaldier, Elliot López–Finn, Stephanie M. Strauss

I Think We Meet Here
Jessi DiTillio

Larry Bamburg: The Sublime is Real
Alexander Dumbadze

Tania Mouraud: Everyday Ogres
Allison Myers

Queer State(s)
Noah Simblist

Pun Value: 4 Works by Lee Lozano
Katie Geha

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