Adrienne Sanchez

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I would like my work to incite dialogue around recurring issues of class, racial intolerance, and violence in the United States. I draw from historical and current photographs—collected through online sources and resource centers, such as the Austin History Center—and apply this pointed imagery to create works about the causes of societal norms, focusing particularly on hierarchies, forgotten narratives, and erasure. The photos that I work with are significant for me because they highlight particular historical events but can represent larger underlying issues in society. By painting photos from various time periods and places, I want viewers to examine the ways in which I reframe these historical moments and question how they view issues of class, race, etc.—issues that are constantly evolving. Through my work, I hope to provoke viewers to consider their individual agency to make change.

Through the screen-printing process, I reconfigure and manipulate imagery to disseminate, and offer new perspectives on truth. I hope to create a platform for and generate needed conversations around the issues present in my work. While the figures are a reflection of significant moments in time, every moment is relative and the issues addressed—such as police brutality, violence, and injustice—continue.



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