Hyo-Jung Jeon

Juror's Distinction

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The central goal of my practice is to create spaces where people can have conversations about their personal experiences. We live in a world where so many of us feel distant from each other because of our varying ideas and opinions. Creating shared space is a way for us to see how we have the capacity to feel the same sensations regardless of our differences.

Growing up, I was always confused about where I belonged and never understood where “home” was for me. Undocumented immigrants face a number of restrictions, and sometimes we even begin to actually feel like “aliens.” Our immigration status makes us question our sense of belonging and we struggle with our individual identities. Through my work, I want to create inclusive environments where people can feel a sense of liberation and belonging—especially for those in my community. I want people to come into the spaces I create and remember that we are all human beings who breathe the same air, feel the same feelings, and experience the same moments.



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