Jacob Cornish

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Over the years, I have continuously adopted defense mechanisms out of a fear of being emotionally vulnerable with others. These defense mechanisms took the form of unoriginal facial expressions, words filled with quick wit and sarcasm, and an alternating exterior of shy and explosive temperaments. Stepping back to look at my defensive self, I saw positive correlations between my “masks” and those of the people closest to me.

Photography and the exploration of multimedia work has aided my expression of these “masks.” My work begins as photographs of individual key facial features. They are then printed, individually painted, and covered with wax droplets to visually express the "masks" I identify in my subjects. I then re-photograph these pieces, arranging them together to create images identifiable as photographic portraiture. These works are intended to be seen as portrait photographs rather than multimedia pieces, with an emphasis on their painted masks and jumbled arrangements. The three works presented in the Senior Art Exhibition include portraits of two people who have heavily influenced the masks I wear today, alongside a self-portrait. Working with those closest to me, I intend to continue exploring more of my own “masks” with the aid of my camera and a few brushes.




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