Jenni Daum

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I have always been interested in the process of making something out of close to nothing. I can take what looks like an ordinary object and make a familiar figure from it. Whether working with a piece of metal, a roll of film in a camera, a pencil and paper, or a paintbrush, something new is always created in the end.

Through the process of learning from doing, I have found a great passion in working with three-dimensional materials. I study and push the boundaries of minimalistic sculptures, focusing on line and weight distribution.

Through the process of creation, I am able to find a kind of mental clarity. I could spend hours upon hours in the studio and feel as though I only blinked my eyes; this moment of discovery is when I realized I wanted to I want to pursue art therapy as a profession.

I want to be a bridge between people and the expressive world of art. With guidance and encouragement, I want to help others transform their struggles and harsh times into artistic representations, allowing them to retell their own story in new ways. My goal is to help patients take those challenges and turn them into artworks reflecting accomplishment and perseverance, rather than struggle and sorrow.

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