Kailyn Carr

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With a desire to alter the ordinary and change the world around me, I create characters and stories that offer brief glimpses into another reality. I strive to evoke feelings, peak interest, and spark the imagination. My work is never finished, but instead serves as a tiny window into the creative thought process that exists behind the art of storytelling. The characters I create are brought to life by me, yet they exist outside of me and have the ability to reach people beyond me, seemingly without my control. I live cloaked in fantasy, because fantasy enables me to imagine otherwise impossible ways to change the world around me.

I am an illustrator first and foremost. Before my illustrations are brought to fruition in other formats (primarily digital media), each work begins with a concept and series of sketches. Recently, I've been focused on 3D modeling and animation as well as various methods of 3D printing and digital fabrication, which allow me to bring digital ideas into more physical realizations. Color is extremely important in my work, and I engage elements of color theory and composition in every decision I make.

My characters are reflections of my inner self, of my thoughts and ideas. To be able to articulate these feelings with others is... amazing.








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