Karen Hatfield Cisneros

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Just as any person changes over time, my art continues to evolve. It started as a way for me to relax and clear my mind, and then developed into a part of who I am—a part that helps me better understand myself and my emotions. Throughout the years, I’ve learned how deeply relationships can impact one’s life, and I've adapted my art as a result of this realization. Through my work, I attempt to show the many emotional and psychological effects my relationships have had on me.

After experiencing an unhealthy relationship, I felt the need to express my emotions in my artwork. My art has developed into an exercise for me to understand my own experiences. Through most of my work, I tell the story of personal relationships and emphasize the emotional effects that relationship has had on me. I use a variety media, including photography, oil painting, and drawing, in order to explore new ways of representing my emotions. In some of these works, I try to show intimate moments with an undertone of aggression that is not easily seen at first glance. This is sometimes expressed in the material, the brushstrokes, or in the actions taking place in the work.

Human interaction—whether with oneself or with other people—is an important element of my work. I view it as a way to emphasize the significances of relationships and how one’s interactions with others may generate emotional responses.



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