Marissa Dunagan

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In my work, I explore athletic culture and its influences on my life and my artistic practice. I am interested in the ways in which sports teams enable a very specific social structure. Athletic endeavors as I have experienced them are often a form of escapism; they are a site to investigate one’s physical limits and abilities, putting aside all else in linear pursuit of a single goal: to win. Contact-heavy sports, such as rugby, are another realm altogether. Using rugby as my primary subject matter, I investigate the ways bodies collide and remain in motion, and the tensions that are created and broken all in one moment of play. By switching the context, color fields, and time constraints of these moments, I aim to show the delicate nature of that which appears intense, physical, and sometimes violent. After all, athletics and art-making share a similar space: it takes hard work and sacrifice in order to achieve success or greatness.




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