Mia Batts

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I have a tendency to run from reality, though it’s not something I’ve truly admitted. I’m not claiming to be naive, but there has always been this desire to change things, or recreate them in my mind; an element of denial. It’s easy to produce a fantasy from my imagination and then paint it, yet the tangibility and mundanity of reality is challenging for me. I never understood how parts of my reality made me stop and stare into the distance; how I got pulled so easily into the void of uncertainty, and feared it so much, that I was constantly trying to escape it.

Then came photography. My process has always been a trial of discovery and control. Black and white photography allows me to glorify the detail of expression and place. Editing provides a sense of freedom and exploration to determine what contrasts and values will complement my vision. Working with no expectation of an outcome leaves me with an image that is more eye-opening than the previous one. Viewers can observe and project their own emotions onto my photographs.

My work illustrates a state of frustration, distance, and longing that is present in my life. It is a personal journey to understanding, a response to deep thought and daily observations. I know  everyone has subtleties that can’t be easily expressed, and I hope my images offer a mutual comfort for viewers. This shared notion makes me feel connected to something greater, and helps me understand that my fears and expectations are natural. In the end, I embrace my life as it is, but through a more colorful perspective.



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