Natalie Broussard

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Home is my sanctuary, and I want to evoke that same feeling of peace and relief through my photographs. I am inspired by the feeling of solitude and the sounds that surround me when I am home, such as the rustle of the trees heard through the windows or the hum of the AC in the background.

In this series, I have concentrated on the light in my home and the ways it interacts with my surroundings. There is a methodical, dancer-like quality to the way light and its partner, shadow, move from one side of the house to the other every day. It is predictable and repetitive, yet it is constantly changing—never showing the same image or highlighting the same areas of the house twice in one day. Now that I am home almost constantly, I have been able to pay attention and closely study some of the intricacies of light and shadow that form and move through the interior rooms of my home. These fleeting, shifting patterns have always been there—I just didn’t notice before.




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