Vivian Shiue

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While I feel incapable of fully relating to my roots, I am inseparable from them and yearn to understand them. When thinking about the simple aspects of life, the first person that comes to mind is my grandmother. To her, there is nothing more important than health and happiness. Anything beyond that is either extravagant or unnecessary. Every morning, my grandma messages all her friends and family a simple “good morning” in Chinese. I find it rather ironic that current circumstances have forced her to use her iPad as a means of communicating with her loved ones.

In our fast-paced, technologically advanced world, I often feel a constant pressure to keep up, a continuous battle with time. Technology has granted me the luxury of instant gratification, constant entertainment, and immediate communication. As a result, my attention span has shortened, I’m less patient, and I sometimes forget just how fleeting life is. This leaves me overwhelmed and stressed, carelessly ignoring the simple beauty that lies within the little details of life.

With Good Morning, I draw my inspiration from my grandmother’s pure outlook on life, one divergent from the chaos of our technologically advanced world. Each photograph in the photo book highlights individual moments in time that often go overlooked. Caught in a world devoid of time and place, the ambiguity of the photographs allows viewers to take a step back and embrace the mundane beauty in their own lives.

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