Yiming Sun

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Many people take great comfort in interacting with animals, especially dogs. Imagine your fingers diving into that white fur and receiving the sudden response of heavy panting—a response to show that they find the same comfort in physical interaction that we humans do. This kind of interaction shows there is a connection and a sense of harmony between us. Animal-human relationships are ones of dependence, but also mutual benefit. In this symbiosis between two creatures, one becomes integral to the other.

In the same way, my artworks blend into an architectural spaces. Mimicking the connection between me and my dog, my work creates a bond between the painting and the space in which it exists, performing another kind of “symbiosis” in physical form.

My work provides a personal expression of animal-human relationships, bringing the psychological and emotional support I find in my relationship with my dog onto a two-dimensional canvas. It is about affirming my experiences on canvas and recreating the atmosphere of particular spaces.



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