Reverse Image/Search Asteroid

September 23 – December 14, 2016

Reverse Image/Search Asteroid is a collaboration between Cory Fitzgerald and Bucky Miller, a response to a series of unexpected events that occurred as the artists traveled together in June 2016. Suppose one could photograph an event right before it happened, years ago. An incision in history may also be a projection of a parallel present, a place to go and shake hands with a horse. The horse has hands because we need something to shake. The horse may later require wheels.

A situation might explain itself to the mirror. Asteroids are minor planets, says Wikipedia. In Star Wars, production designers made asteroids out of a potato and a shoe.

Reverse Image/Search Asteroid  is organized by Center Space Project, the student arts organization of the VAC, which oversees Center Space, an exhibition space within the VAC that showcases the artistic and curatorial work of undergraduate and graduate students at The University of Texas at Austin. Generous support for Center Space Project comes from Robin and Trey Hancock.



Bucky Miller is a Russell Lee Endowed Presidential Scholar in Photography and William and Bettye Nowlin Endowed Presidential Fellow in Photography at The University of Texas at Austin.  He has also studied in London, Rochester, and Arizona. Miller’s  work has been exhibited internationally, including in the Netherlands, Guatemala, and Washington, D.C. In 2013 he attended the Little Brown Mushroom Camp for Socially Awkward Storytellers in St. Paul, Minnesota. He also contributes essays to The  Believer Logger.

Cory Fitzgerald is a photographer living in Rochester, New York.  He completed his MFA in photography in 2016 at the Rochester Institute of Technology. He has been the recipient of several scholarships and awards including the William A. Reedy Memorial Scholarship, and RIT’s Outstanding Graduate Student Award. His work has been exhibited internationally since 2011.

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