September 24 – October 16, 2010

Center Space Project is proud to present Unveiled, an exhibition featuring work from students and alumni of the Department of Art and Art History, as its inaugural contribution to the Visual Arts Center. Unveiled brings together a diverse sampling of works in a wide range of media that deal with the theme of transparency, whether in process, medium or content.The openness of the individual works forms a candid exhibition and draws a perfect parallel to the Center Space’s development as we reveal the new space to the public.

The exhibition features work by Arturo Agüero, Zena Alieva, Annie Arnold, Amanda Batson, Andrea Bonin, Ben Brandt, Teresa Cervantes, Suzan Cook, Colin Doyle, Erica Holloway, Megan Kincheloe, Rachel Long, Landon O’Brien, Daniel Payavis, Marcus Payzant, Jennifer Remenchik and David Waddell. A special thanks to Risa Puleo, Assistant Curator of Contemporary Art at the Blanton Museum of Art, for assisting with this exhibition.

Center Space Project, the Visual Arts Center’s student organization, works collaboratively with fellow students, faculty, alumni and visiting artists to create engaging exhibitions and programs, promoting a strong student presence in the VAC.



Arturo Agüero
Zena Alieva
Annie Arnold
Amanda Batson
Andrea Bonin
Ben Brandt
Teresa Cervantes
Suzan Cook
Colin Doyle
Erica Holloway
Megan Kincheloe
Rachel Long
Landon O’Brien
Daniel Payavis
Marcus Payzant
Jennifer Remenchik
David Waddell

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