Make & Mingle: An Evening for Educators at the VAC

In conjunction with the 2021 Texas Art Education Association Conference, we invited teachers from across the state to the galleries for an evening of art-making, networking and conversation. Scroll through for resources from the event, prepared by undergraduate Art Education students and inspired by exhibitions at the VAC!

Co-organized by the Visual Arts Center, ST.ART Pre-College, and Art Education faculty at The University of Texas at Austin.

Lesson Plans

Build Up Break Down
Valerie Aldana, Sarah Choi, Becca Gilbertson, Bren Grimm, and Marina Newlin

Inspired by Joey Fauerso's four-channel video work, You Destroy Every Special Thing I Make (2017–2019), on view in Joey Fauerso: Wait for It, this lesson invites students to consider themes of construction and desctruction while exploring the distinction between process and product in art-making.

2D Lesson — Watercolor
3D Lesson — Pipe Cleaners

artwork by Joey Fauerso, Visual Arts Center, UT Austin

Fun Sheet

Identity Portraits
Breeana Corona, Ally Horn, Lauren Jecker, Hanna Johnson, and Leslie Martinez Lopez

In this lesson, inspired by Madison Cooper: (Untitled) Fanon, students will consider the things that define their public and private identities and learn about the notion of intersectionality.

artwork by Madison Cooper, Visual Arts Center, UT Austin

Fun Sheet

Identity of the Land
Amana Ahmad, Mik-Everett / Whim Krueger-Inabnit, Chae Sung, and Sarah Wilson

Students will take a deep dive into the layered histories and changing landscape of their immediate environments in this collaborative lesson, inspired by Carolina Caycedo and David de Rozas: The Blessings of the Mystery.

artwork by Carolina Caycedo and David de Rozas, Visual Arts Center, UT Austin

Fun Sheet

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