Abby Johnson

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Using mixed media, oil paint, and collage, I attempt to control the mundane chaos of life by examining consumption and my own warped domesticity. Often, these ideas are tied in with my relationship to power structures and sex. Through cutting, cropping and repositioning, I am able to decontextualize the shiny and appropriated imagery I draw from. Reduced to their most amorphous state, the images can be recoded, and new narratives materialize. I want to create space that holds the tension of both the familiar and the strange, so that the viewer may stay a while, and so that I may be able to reflect on the differences between the philosophies which have been fed to me and those which I have come to on my own. It is a way for me to carve out my own space in a culture of consumption that permeates and holds us. I aim to pay tribute to the beautiful absurdity of this consumption while reconsidering my relationship with it.


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