Brittany Canales

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Brittany Canales, days 'till detachment, 2018. Video, color, sound. 3:06 min. Courtesy of the artist.


Brittany Canales uses printmaking, drawing, painting, sculptural, and digital processes in an attempt to visually describe her internal reflections and their relation to the outside world—typically through surrealist or illustrative imagery. The illustrative visuals in her work function as symbols for underlying ideas and emotions expressed (sometimes indirectly) in the work. Produced during this current life-altering era, her most recent body of work encapsulates the deeply personal, transformative feelings and conditions that have resulted from this shared moment of change. This work creates a surrealistic universe that is visually, experientially, and symbolically performative. Connected through shared imagery, Canales’ imaginative spaces create a mysterious, subtle surrealism that reinforces an artist’s ability to express narratives in unorthodox and obscured ways.



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