Celine Lassus

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Juror's Distinction — Studio Art 


Celine Lassus, Is this what U want?, 2021. HD video documentation of video game, performance. 2:32 min. Courtesy of the artist.

Download and play the game →


My practice is the product of a generation bombarded by the claims of a technological utopia—a place unmarked by social grievances. I address this false promise in my new media and performance practice, specifically focusing on the internet and its notoriety. Often employing elements of digital culture, I subvert the experience of a casual day online by using the language of the Internet to confront the exploitative conditions of institutional power. I particularly reflect on the transitory nature of the internet, from its early conception as a haven for virtual community to its current iteration as a data-driven, hyper-monitored economy. My work plays between these two realities, winking at both in acknowledgement. Behind the lighthearted exchange, a stark truth awaits—one you can’t seem to log out of. Doing this alone would be a monumental task, no doubt weighted by feelings of impending doom. Instead, I choose to research and collaborate with affected communities. Doing so brings my work into a collective perspective, one that overrides the singular experience in exchange for a vehicle of solidarity.



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