Daniela Talamantes Martinez

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Juror's Distinction — Visual Art Studies 


Daniela Talamantes Martinez (they/she) is an artist and art educator from San Antonio, Texas who currently lives and works in Austin. They identify as queer, non-binary, and Latinx, and are bilingual in Spanish and English. Talamantes Martinez is a multimedia visual artist who works in a range of media, including paint, collage, textiles, and found objects. Their longtime work as a camp counselor helped spark their interest in art education, leading them to arts education roles in both museums and public schools. They are interested in the intersections of Black and Latinx identities, the Land Back movement to restore indigenous lands to indigenous control, and the fight for full liberation of the human body. Through multimedia exploration, they seek to depict their own experiences with queer love and everyday life. By introducing bodily representations as subject matter, they explore the deterioration of memory and the re-imagination of the self and of memories. In addition to depicting queer love, Talamantes Martinez uses their work to present certain hardships, such as anxiety and depression, and engages aspects of their mixed Mexican/Spanish/Latinx/American roots. As a non-binary and queer female-presenting body, they are navigating the world through their loves and woes.



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