Erica Henri

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Erica Henri, Electric Rodeo, 2019. Digital animation. 54 sec. (loop). Image courtesy of the artist.


My work is one step away from being covered in Cheeto dust and given the ability to scratch-and-sniff. As a studio artist, I use my practice to process my world. Family, childhood, pop culture, and media have encompassed my life, and have inspired the platform on which I base my work. I use paint, charcoal, felt, metal, ink, film, animation, fabric – practically everything but the kitchen sink! This surprising combination of materials in my practice allows my work to communicate both my creativity and my emotions, sharing what is closest to my heart. Regardless of media, I aim to communicate using the language of consumerism: screaming fun, energetic imagery, while also whispering deeper, underlying sentiments. Those sentiments correlate with the core values of my family, the morals on which I was raised, and the people who have poured genuine love into my life.


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