Jasmine Chock

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Juror's Distinction — Studio Art


Jasmine Chock, Bra Clap, 2021. Video, color, sound. 19 sec. (loop). Courtesy of the artist.


I explore the relationships between humans and the public, private and personal spaces and objects they interact with. In my work, I create a humorous, uncanny intimacy through a nonsensical juxtaposition of objects and environments that subverts their usual purposes. I make sculpture using sewing, ceramics, food, bathroom facilities, and more, and I employ photography and video to document performative interactions with the objects and environments I create. I am interested in creating these strange relationships as a way to explore the sense of belonging and comfort humans innately search for in their everyday lives. Asking the viewer, “what does it mean to belong and to feel comfort?” My work provides humorous, yet sometimes unrealistic, solutions for finding these attributes.



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