Madison Boothe

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My work is concerned with the intricacies of self, what defines it, and how it changes. I work in painting and sculpture, using the balance of control and looseness that comes with paint to express different aspects of identity and emotion. My studies in psychology play a large part in my process, motivating me to grapple with my own mental health through my work. I focus on simple forms and lines to create moods; the repetition involved in this process allows me to bring mindfulness practices into my creations and further ties my work to my own mental health. Abstraction, loud colors, sharp lines, and shapes allow me to construct my images in a way that lets the viewer impart their own lived experience into the work. My own experiences surrounding my ever-evolving sense of self and humanity are at the core of each of my works. As I document these fluid concepts, I attempt to establish acceptance for, and spark conversations about, varying issues of identity ranging from psychological issues and trauma to gender and social roles.

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