Nathan Clark

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Nathan Clark, Lullaby, 2020. Video documentation of augmented reality environment. Music: Alan Walker, "Sing Me to Sleep" (2016). Courtesy of the artist.

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At its core, my work is about storytelling. I believe images are far more powerful than words, and I use drawing, painting, and digital media to realize bold narratives. With the various features afforded by each medium, I open windows to fantastical worlds that have their own characters, legends, and environments. Music often provides the framework for my original mythologies, as the sounds bring rich colors and shapes to the forefront of my imagination. I take these visions and weave them into an image so that I can share what I see with those around me. Another way I have found to tell stories is through the observable history of a physical object. Everything, including sculptures and paintings, possess marks and blemishes that tell a story of where an object has been and how it was made. A scrape on the underside of a box implies it has been dragged, but this can be hidden; a stroke of paint on a canvas implies there was a brush used to apply it, but this can be disguised; the shape of a weld on a piece of metal can reveal what type of welder was used to join it, but it can also be ground away. The craft of an object says a lot not only about its quality and construction, but also about its creator. As an artist, I have the ability to reshape the visual past of an object and use it to tell a new story.


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