Vicente San Miguel

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Vicente San Miguel, Luminary, 2021. Digital animation from ink on canvas. Dimensions variable. Courtesy of the artist.


My current work is focused on transforming works made with physical materials, such as ink, pen, paper, and canvas, into digital glitch art. In moving from the tangible to the digital, my work reflects on the way in which materials can become holographic shadows of themselves. In our current time, we are presented with new challenges in our everyday lives: the effects the digital world can have on our mental health, the introduction of digital currency as an alternative to physical money, and how these changes in technology have changed our social spaces in the real world. My work is informed by notions of how we can be influenced by forces outside our control and beyond our understanding. We are all capable of being influenced by others, whether those people have good or bad intentions. The rise of digital and cyber spaces leads me to consider how our susceptibility to outside influence relates to spiritual practices and experiences, science fiction, and a host of other topics. Given all these changes, it makes sense that people want to express themselves and seek a place, such as the Internet, where they can be free from the control of others.

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